Take Action Tuesday: Early Childhood Mental Health

August 31, 2016

Earlier this summer, the U.S. House passed comprehensive mental health reform that included an investment in infant-early childhood mental health. The Senate, however, left for August recess without addressing the issue. Join advocates across the country tomorrow, August 31, in calling, emailing, and tweeting Senators to ask them to pass mental health reform.

Follow these steps to contact your Senators on Wednesday, August 31.

1. Call your Senators’ offices and use the talking points below. To reach your Senators’ offices, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected. Not sure of your Senators’ names? Click here. Be sure to call both of your Senators’ offices!

  • As a constituent, I urge you to pass mental health reform this year.
  • The bipartisan Mental Health Reform Act of 2016 includes a groundbreaking provision to invest where the foundations of strong mental health are laid – with very young children and their parents, starting from birth.
  • Between 9% and 14% of children under age 5 experience an emotional or behavioral disturbance. This means that between 1.9 and 2.8 million very young children in the U.S. need more intensive mental health support.
  • By beginning our national mental health policy at birth, this legislation will open the door for more effective prevention of severe mental health disturbances later in life.
  • The need for reform is urgent. You have the opportunity to act now to improve the lives of tens of millions of Americans, their families, and our communities.
  • Please urge your colleagues to bring mental health reform to the floor for a vote this year and vote “yes.” Thank you.

Can’t make a phone call? Click here to send an email to your Senators

2. Tweet at your Senators. Be sure to include both of your Senators’ Twitter handles in the post below! Click here to find your Senators’ Twitter handles.

Babies’ #MentalHealth matters! #Rally4Babies & pass #MentalHealthReform this year!