A comfortable transition into child care

Starting child care is a big family event. Use these quick tips to make it a smooth transition.

Anticipate Transition

Talk with your child about things that might happen at the program to prepare them for a routine and schedule. Spend time with your child at the program before they begin. Ask about their experience.

Establish Your New Routine

Anticipate transition by visiting the program a few times with your child before they begin care. Goodbyes are important and you can establish a new routine for drop-off and pick-up times. Sneaking away, even if your child is upset, is not as effective as saying goodbye and letting your child know when you will be back. Starting care is a big family event; try to avoid other major changes in your child’s life when they begin care.

Get to Know Your Program

Build a relationship with your early educator by taking time to share information about your child and family and get to know the teachers at your program. If concerns arise, talk about them right away to problem-solve together. Frequent change can be difficult for children. Watch for signs including high staff turnover or unfamiliar adults, harsh and cold behavior towards the children, lack of supervision, unexplained injuries or changes in your child’s mood or attitude. Consistency in your child’s care and communication with the program is important and can help make sure your child is in a positive environment.