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Sharing our stories, whether we are parents, early childhood educators, or community members is one way to make our voices heard. Telling these personal stories is how we can make the issues come to life. When a hardship or inspirational story touches someone and causes them to take action, we know we’ve made a difference!

Meet real Alaskan families who have already shared with us their stories of resilience, child care, and life during the pandemic. Read their stories here.

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thread understands the needs of Alaska’s communities when it comes to early childhood education. thread provides resources and parenting support for thousands of families across the state each year, and staff are highly-trained experts on child development and quality standards for early education programs. thread also undertakes research and collects data on the early education
industry, including supply and demand, attributes of the workforce, and the industry’s impact on Alaska’s economy.

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Family Services
  • For Family Services concerns or complaints including child care referrals and parent events/services, please contact: Family Service Manager Reanne Queja, or 907.265.3120
Early Educators or Early Childhood Education Programs
  • For Early Educator/Early Childhood Program services concerns or complaints including education and training and consultation services, please contact:  Professional Development Director Jen Clark, or 907.265.3124.
Learn & Grow
  • For Learn & Grow concerns or complaints, please contact: Learn & Grow Director Meghan Johnson, or 907.265.3104.
Alaska SEED
  • For Alaska SEED including the Registry and financial reimbursement/award services concerns or complaints, please contact or 907.265.3194.

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