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Create a Family-Friendly Workplace

Are you ready to attract and retain strong, skilled employees?

Start by creating a family-friendly workplace. Studies show that employees miss fewer days of work and are more productive when they have access
to affordable, high-quality early care and education services.

There are many creative ways to support employees with families, including:

  • Connecting employees with information and resources about parenting, early childhood education options, or financial supports
  • Providing mothers with a clean, private area to pump and store breast milk
  • Implementing policies such as flexible work arrangements, paid family leave, or dependent care reimbursement plans
  • Supporting a local early care childhood education program in exchange for priority enrollment/reduced fees for your employees

Find more ideas like these on our Family-Friendly Workplace Checklist. Use the list to think about which options already exist at your business,
potential options, and options with which thread could help.

Speak with thread staff about ways we can support you in creating a family-friendly workplace by calling us at 800.278.3723.