provider appreciation day

Provider Appreciation Day® is a National Day of Recognition and celebration of early childhood education professionals who provide an essential service to young children and their families.

Friday, May 10, 2024

Provider Appreciation Day® is celebrated the Friday before Mother’s Day every year to recognize child care providers, teachers and other educators of young children everywhere. Join us in thanking these professionals today and every day.

Tune in to our social media channels for a special video message. Then at 7 pm on May 10 please join us to recognize the recipients of the 2024 thread Awards in a virtual award ceremony.

There are many ways to thank child care providers, whether you are a parent or appreciative community member. Here are a few examples of ways to make the day special:

  • Help your child make a card for your child care provider
  • Bring coffee or a special treat for the staff
  • Coordinate with other parents to purchase supplies for the program
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper recognizing the essential work of child care professionals

This year thread celebrates Provider Appreciation Day® by supporting the health and well-being of Alaska’s early childhood professionals. From wellness initiatives to financial support, thread provides resources that help child care providers take care of themselves, so they can take care of Alaska’s children. This year join us in thanking early childhood educators who KEEP CALM AND CARE ON. Child care providers can claim their free gift here.