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Quality Child Care at a Glance

Consider the following when you are looking for licensed, safe, healthy, and playful care.

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  • Does this program have an Alaska child care license?
  • What education or special training has the child care teacher received?
  • What is his/her experience working with children?
  • Are there clearly written policies and expectations?
  • How does this program engage parents?
Icon for Safe


  • Are children cared for at all times, even while sleeping?
  • Are cleaning supplies, medicines, and harmful items kept out of children’s reach?
  • How are children kept safe in the outdoor area?
  • What is the plan for responding to emergencies and disasters?
  • Is there someone present who has CPR and first aid training?
Icon for Healthy


  • What healthy meals and snacks are offered?
  • Is the children’s restroom clean and sanitary?
  • Is the hand-washing area easily accessible to children and adults?
  • How are children supported when they are having difficulties?
  • How physically active are the children during the day?
Icon for Healthy


  • What toys and games are available for children to play with (blocks, puzzles, etc)? Is there a variety?
  • Do classroom activities and schedules accommodate all children?
  • What daily activities promote creative expression (singing, dancing, reading, making art)?
  • Are there regular community outings, such as field trips to the library or museum?
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Learn & Grow

  • Is this program enrolled in Learn & Grow?
  • What level has this program achieved in Learn & Grow?