You Can Help with the 2020 Census!

August 27, 2020

Did you know that an accurate census count is critical for the US government to accurately distribute more than $3.2 billion in support to Alaska each year?

Every ten years, the federal government depends on an accurate US Census count to determine distribution of support to many of Alaska’s public programs, including child care subsidies, Denali KidCare, Head Start, Title 1 Educational support, and the school lunch program.

Unfortunately, in 2010, the Census missed hundreds of Alaska children age 4 and under. Ten years later, Alaska’s self-response rate currently ranks 50th compared to the rest of the US.

Unless we take action to reverse the chronic undercount of young children, we are on our way of again undercounting Alaska’s young children in the 2020 Census.

Child Care Aware of America has compiled a list of ways YOU can help with this year’s Census before the Sept. 30 self-response deadline!

How Can You Help?

  • Help families fill out the online form before Sept. 30! Remember, it’s confidential and takes 10 minutes to complete! One reason young children are undercounted is because some adults do not realize that they are supposed to include them on their form!
  • Assist those who do not have access to the Internet, or do not feel comfortable responding in their home, gain access in safe places like public libraries.
  • Become a Census Champion this month! Hang posters and make flyers and other resources available in your program or around the community. You can find family friendly resources here.

thread encourages you to become a trusted community leader to help educate Alaskans about the importance of the Census and to engage, encourage, and ensure self-response and participation. Learn more and get involved at