The Future of Child Care Starts Now!

December 18, 2023

January 1st marks the first day to complete your Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) application and give to your favorite charities at the same time with Pick.Click.Give. thread is a proud participant in Pick.Click.Give. As you fill out your PFD, please Pick.Click.Give to thread!

For more than three decades, thread has been working to advance child care in Alaska. Many families have limited or no access to quality child care. Businesses are struggling to retain employees who need child care. The child care workforce is struggling to stay in the field because of low wages. Change is critical! You can help by choosing thread when you Pick.Click.Give.

When you choose thread, you support the future of young Alaskan children and their families. Together, we can ensure families find quality child care and support child care programs and early educators. A strong child care system creates futures. Today’s workforce is supported while tomorrow’s workforce gets a strong foundation for school and life. Families are less stressed. Businesses are more productive. Alaska’s economy grows. It’s an investment that serves our entire community!

When you Pick.Click.Give. to thread you contribute to stabilizing the child care system today — and in the future. Your gift to thread supports:

  • Families finding quality child care so they can work and go to school
  • Early childhood educators and programs
  • thread advocating to ensure child care is more affordable, accessible, and higher quality for all Alaskans
  • Communities and the Alaska economy thriving

If you’re unable to pledge at this time, you can show your support in other ways:

Every child in Alaska means the world to us, and so does your support. The future of child care starts now! Please give to thread through Pick.Click.Give. Thank you!