Tasty Tuesday

April 13, 2021

It’s the Week of the Young Child™ and thread is celebrating early education, young children, their families, and their teachers with a week full of activities. See our schedule here.

Today is Tasty Tuesday. Yum! The focus today is on healthy habits, such as choosing nutritious food and staying physically active. Childhood obesity has a serious impact on both physical and emotional health, so it’s important to establish healthy habits at an early age.

Cooking together is also a great learning experience for young children. Talk about the sense of taste when you try new foods. Develop your child’s motor skills by having him stir or pour. Teach math concepts like volume, addition, and subtraction while measuring ingredients. Introduce scientific concepts like chemical reactions while you are baking. There are so many learning opportunities!

What are your favorite healthy snacks to make with your family or in your early childhood classroom? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter using #woyc.

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