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March 16, 2016

Research shows that the first five years of life are a critical period for brain development, and the quality of care and learning a child experiences during this window creates the foundation for success later in life.

Throughout Alaska, 38,000 children under the age of 6 have working parents, many of whom depend on child care in order to work. Yet, in too many communities, child care is difficult to find, more difficult to afford, and too often of questionable quality. In order to build a healthy society and a strong economy in Alaska, public policy must support quality early care & learning.

You can be a voice for Alaska’s young children and their families. When you share your stories at legislative hearings, make a phone call to policy makers, or become a more informed voter, you are making a difference!

It may seem overwhelming to stay on top of all the issues facing early care & learning in Alaska. Don’t worry— thread is here to help. We’ll keep you informed and let you know how to take action through our Take Action Tuesday blog. Check back each Tuesday and throughout the week on our blog and our social media pages, and visit our Action Center for more information. And be sure to sign up to get our Action Center Alerts delivered directly to your inbox. Thank you for being an advocate for quality early care & learning. See you next Tuesday!