The House Passes the Build Back Better Act

November 20, 2021

November 19 — Today the House passed the Build Back Better Act with $400 billion for child care and preschool. In the coming weeks, the House and Senate must agree on and pass the same bill, which would then head to President Biden for his signature.

If the Build Back Better Act is signed into law, it will dramatically transform the child care and early learning system for nearly every family with young children, as well as for child care providers.  

What does the Build Back Better Act Mean for Families?

  • These new investments will pave the way for free high-quality universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year-old children.  
  • Parents will be able to send children to the preschool setting of their choice – whether it’s a licensed child care provider or local public school.  
  • Families earning up to 250% of state median income, their child care costs will be limited to no more than 7% of their income.

What Does the Build Back Better Act Mean For Child Care Providers? 

  • This federal funding will ensure that states increase compensation and invest in the supply and quality of child care.  
  • Investments will support a child care system that includes family child care homes and child care centers.  
  • Universal preschool will also include a mixed-delivery system, with a distribution among eligible providers, including Head Start, schools, and both center-based and family child care. 

Most policies in the Build Back Better framework remain unchanged from September, including the lead role that child care resource and referral agencies can play in administering quality and supply-building investments. Learn more