Salesforce Administrator

The Salesforce Administrator is responsible for overall management and maintenance of thread’s Salesforce environment (Salesforce Lightning Platform, Non-Profit Success Pack ...more

November 29, 2022

RFP: Information Technology Managed Services

Amendment 2, updated November 7, 2022 thread is seeking proposals for an IT Managed Service Provider to assist thread in ...more

October 27, 2022

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager is a senior level position responsible for implementing marketing strategies designed to build reputation, influence action, build ...more

October 13, 2022

RFP: ROOTS Award Program Evaluation

thread is requesting proposals for a contractor to evaluate the impact of the Retaining Our Outstanding Teachers Stipends (ROOTS), also ...more

September 27, 2022

Professional Development Specialist

The Professional Development Specialist provides professional development supports and services to early educators and early childhood education programs to improve ...more

September 8, 2022

RFP: Quality Child Care Is Campaign

thread is requesting proposals to identify a marketing firm to partner in the development and implementation of a unique public ...more

September 1, 2022

RFP: Early Childhood Workforce Professional Development Plan Implementation

thread is requesting proposals for a contractor to facilitate and create frameworks for quality trainers, training and coaching for the ...more

September 1, 2022

RFP: Learn & Grow Evaluation Phase IV

thread is requesting proposals for a contractor to assist with Phase IV development of Learn & Grow Evaluation. The successful ...more

September 1, 2022

Request for Proposal: Coaching & Pyramid Leadership Support for Early Childhood Workforce

thread is requesting proposals for a contractor to provide direct technical assistance to early childhood programs working to achieve Learn ...more

August 31, 2022

Request for Proposal: Child Care Stabilization and Trends Survey Project

thread is seeking a contractor to perform surveys of child care programs and early educators this calendar year. The successful ...more

July 21, 2022