AccessSpace in a quality early childhood education program that allows for the continuity of care for a child(ren). Ideal access includes enough space for sufficient vacancy and quality which allows for family choice for care desired.
AffordabilityQuality early childhood education that is accessible to families at a price they can afford. While early childhood education is expensive, ensuring at least 75% of programs are affordable to families allows families more choice for quality options.
QualityState of Alaska/Municipality of Anchorage licensed or State/Federally Regulated early childhood education programs. These include child care, early Head Start, Head Start, Pre-elementary, Tribal and Military care.
High QualityHigh Quality early childhood is quality care participating in a continuous quality improvement plan/framework (i.e. Learn & Grow)
Child CareState of Alaska/Municipality of Anchorage licensed child care centers, group homes, homes.
Mixed Delivery