Improve Child Care Grant

IMPROVE Child Care Grant

This competitive grant program supports licensed child care programs looking to improve and/or expand their program after the impacts of COVID-19. Grants may support facility improvements, minor renovation, equipment/supplies purchase, or improvements to meet licensing requirements. 

Proposal Period: Closed

Grant Assistance

Grant Purpose

Licensed child care programs may apply for the IMPROVE Child Care Grant to complete facility improvements, minor renovations, and related equipment and services, including assistance to meet licensing requirements to establish, maintain, or expand licensed child care sites. Grant funds may not be used for construction or major renovation of facilities. (See funding categories below.)

The goals of the grant are to:

  • improve/expand existing child care facilities.
  • Increase access to child care by expanding the number of seats available.

Child care programs that are open, operating and licensed in the State of Alaska or Municipality of Anchorage are eligible to apply for this grant.

Grant Awards

Grant awards will support projects between $3,000 to $50,000. Projects outside this range won’t necessarily be declined but may not be within the scope of this available funding. 

Projects may be funded fully, partially, or declined based on the review process.

Proposal Requirements

To submit a proposal, the following information must be completed/submitted:

  • Completed proposal form
    • Project contact information
    • Identify funding category
    • Description of project (including description, goals, beneficiaries, sustainability)
    • Detailed project budget
  • Completed IRS Form W-9
Funding Categories

Allowable funding categories include:

  • Facility maintenance and improvement of child care facilities that are designed to increase the overall supply of child care (i.e., remodeling to open a new classroom, installing a sprinkler system to increase licensed capacity).
  • Improvements to child care facility that helps the business maintain licensing.
  • Minor renovations to support program needs for staff, families, & children, (i.e., renovating bathrooms or other shared spaces, installing railings and ramps to ensure children are cared for in safe and developmentally appropriate setting, making your space more ADA compliant).
  • Outdoor space-playground equipment.
  • Vehicles (i.e., for transporting children, fieldtrips).
  • Non-consumable classroom upgrades (i.e., learning center small furniture and equipment).
  • Equipment and technology (i.e., monies to upgrade internet/static IP address, computers for teachers, iPad for classroom).
  • Curriculum and memberships (i.e., Babydoll Circle Time, Zoo annual membership, Children’s Museum annual membership).
  • Concrete supports in time of need (i.e., extra clothing and gear, resources for parents).

Grant funds may not be used for (new) construction, major renovation, land purchase, food, tuition discounts, rent, operating expenses, wages and benefits (including bonuses), fieldtrips and experiences.

Review Criteria

Grant proposals will be reviewed and evaluated on:

  • Overall quality of proposal
  • Project design (Key activities are clearly described)
  • Program need
  • Outcome(s) (Significant degree of change)
  • Sustainability
  • Budget (Appropriate for scope)

This is a competitive grant, and proposals will be measured against all received applications within the funds available. Emphasis will be given to need and outcome.

Grant Notification Date

Successful project proposals will be notified via email and/or phone of decision by June 30, 2023.

Grant Period Date

If awarded, the grant period to expend funds and complete the supported part of your project by December 31, 2024.