Ways to Advocate to Local Government for More Child Care Support

June 5, 2020

As Alaska reopens, financial support to licensed child care is needed to ensure this critical community infrastructure reopens safely and responsibly.
That is why thread recently sent a letter to officials from Alaska’s cities, boroughs and municipalities urging them invest a minimum of 10% of the federal CARES Act funding allocated by the Alaska State
Legislature to support licensed child care programs.

Licensed child care is an essential state infrastructure and a vital part of our economic recovery. Working families cannot continue to go to work or return
to the workplace without it. A lack of licensed child care will be a significant barrier to businesses reopening successfully.

While child care has been on the frontlines of the pandemic, nearly 50% of licensed child care programs were temporarily closed. Child care businesses
operate on razor-thin margins, and have fewer resources available to them than public schools. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many of these small
businesses to the brink of permanent closure.

thread estimates child care will need a minimum public investment of $10 million per month (beginning in April 2020) throughout the pandemic
and recovery process.

This investment will:

  • Bring a level of stability to the child care programs that are open.
  • Help closed child care programs to reopen.
  • Supplement program costs related to increased staffing needs, health and safety mitigation, obtaining supplies, and more.
  • Ensure working families can return to the workplace.
  • Maintain affordable child care rates for families during this period.

What You Can Do

  1. Check with your local officials on their federal CARES Act funding
    allocation decisions
  2. Sign thread’s petition, urging State
    and local lawmakers support child care 

Thank you for making child care a top priority for stabilizing our economy and for Alaska’s families.