Vote for Kids this Election Season

September 21, 2020

If young children were able to vote, what issues do you think they would care about?

Children are our future and our greatest resource. They represent 25 percent of Alaska’s population and 100 percent our future. Yet, they have no voice when it comes to the many decisions our elected officials make every day.

As a nonpartisan organization, thread advocates for all families to have access to affordable, high-quality early childhood education. This November, 50 seats of the Alaska State Legislature are up for election with candidates who will make future decisions about Alaska’s children. There is a lot at stake this election season with children and families at the center of many policy discussions. Because children can’t vote and exercise their voice, thread encourages YOU to use your voice to Vote for Kids.

What is Vote for Kids?

Vote for Kids was created by the Alaska Children’s Trust (ACT) as a grassroots, community movement focused on continually raising awareness of the needs and challenges of children, youth, and families during elections. Vote for Kids was designed to ensure children of all ages become a priority for all candidates. Learn more here.

How You Can Make a Difference

There are numerous ways you can give children a voice during this election season.

  • Know the candidates: Attend candidate forums, read candidate surveys, and meet with candidates to ask questions about issues affecting children and families.
    • Download questions from ACT here
  • Register to vote safely during COVID: It is always a good idea to make sure your registration is current and that you vote safely.
  • Download the Vote for Kids Election Guide: Created by ACT, the 2020 Election Guide contains details about the impact of voting this election season, more ways to get involved, advocacy tips, and more!

Be an Advocate for Early Childhood Education

Get to know the issues around early childhood education in order to take action on behalf of children and families in Alaska.

Join thread on Nov. 3 and vote with the needs of young children in mind. Commit to #VoteForKidsAK!