thread CEO Leaves for Sabbatical

May 4, 2017

Congratulations to thread CEO Stephanie Berglund, one of six nonprofit leaders selected for the 2017 Rasmuson Foundation Sabbatical Program! After more than 11 years on the job, Ms. Berglund departed last week for her well-deserved sabbatical and will return to her position in September.

The Rasmuson Foundation Sabbatical Award allows Ms. Berglund to spend quality time with her family, reflect on her leadership position, celebrate her past accomplishments, and refocus her vision for the future of early care and learning in Alaska.

thread thanks the Rasmuson Foundation for making Ms. Berglund’s sabbatical possible, and for its confidence in our organization to operate successfully in her absence.

Until Ms. Berglund’s return, please contact COO/Program Manager Melinda Myers for any thread business.