The benefits of gender-neutralising parental leave: How brands are making it work

April 30, 2019

If companies want to create inclusive and gender diverse workforces, the first step is extending and equalising their parental leave policies.

 By Charlotte Rogers, Marketing Week

Gender neutralising parental leave is an ambition climbing ever higher up the business agenda. Over the past couple of months an increasing number of brands
have opted to enhance or equalise their maternity and paternity policies, while at the same time encouraging discussions around flexible working for
parents and non-parents alike.
Aviva is one of the brands leading the way. In November 2017 the insurer introduced equal parental leave, offering all male and female employees up to
12 months leave, with six months at full pay. To date, 67% of new dads working at Aviva have taken six months off and a further 95% have taken more
than the statutory two weeks paid paternity leave.