Thank You 2021 Pick.Click.Give. Supporters!

December 21, 2021

At thread, we are truly grateful to have child care champions in our corner. We want to express our gratitude to the 2021 Pick.Click.Give. champions and supporters. 

Your support is no small matter.

With your help, we are doing everything we can to support families, early educators, and child care programs. We continue to help Alaska’s families find child care for their young children during a time of continued challenges and changing needs. We are able to support child care programs that are concerned about the risk of closure, and we are advocates for the workforce and the important role child care plays in our communities.

Your generosity reminds us that together, we can take big strides toward strengthening Alaska’s child care system for the future.

As we approach a New Year, thread has big wishes for child care; accessible, affordable, high-quality child care for ALL of Alaska’s children.

What’s your wish?

Thank you for being a thread-supporter, a big stride-taker, and a wish-maker.