Take Action Tuesday: Become an Everyday Advocate

June 28, 2017

Whether you are waiting in line at the grocery store or standing in an elevator, you can be an everyday advocate for Alaska’s young children. Part of being an everyday advocate is becoming comfortable talking about the issues surrounding early care & learning with anyone who will listen. All you need to get started is an “elevator speech.”

What is an elevator speech?

An elevator speech is a brief, personal statement — maybe only 30 seconds — that answers the questions, “What is the issue, and why is it important?” The goal is to get your listener to say, “Tell me more!”

Creating an elevator speech

If you only had a minute or less to tell someone about your passion for early care & learning, what would you say? The first step is to ask yourself:

Why do I care about helping Alaska’s families access high-quality and affordable early care & learning for their children?

Why should others care about high-quality early care & learning for Alaska’s young children?

Take a few notes to help you organize your thoughts. Focus on the impact high-quality early care & learning has had on you personally as well as the impact it has on our state. Then practice sharing your elevator speech with a friend or another parent. You may even ask them why they care about high-quality early care and learning!

Now you can be an everyday advocate for Alaska’s young children when that person in line at the coffee shop strikes up a conversation, or when you are in the park with your children talking to other parents, or even when you are out fishing with friends!

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