State of Alaska Child Care Program Office Broadcast – Capacity Building Funding Update (May 14)

May 15, 2020

There are 492 licensed providers in Alaska. Currently, 287 of these facilities are open, 205 facilities are closed, and 359 facilities submitted a
Request for Payment for services in March. The total amount requested was $9,037,739. The U.S. Administration of Children and Families (ACF) allocated
$6,400,000 for these payments, so the remainder of $2.6 million will be supplemented by using Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF).

Payments are confirmed and are ready to be processed starting 5/13/2020. Payments were calculated based on children in care during the month of February
using information available in the Integrated Child Care Information System (ICCIS) and information submitted by April 30, 2020 from child care providers
regarding private pay children. The higher of the State Child Care Assistance Program rate or the provider’s rate was used. Payment amounts will not
be recalculated nor adjustments made as the total amount requested by the providers for the month of March will use the total amount allocated from
ACF with additional funds being covered through CRF.

The initial broadcast made to providers from the Child Care Program Office (CCPO) was distributed prior to knowing the full award from ACF as well as the
full monetary relief requested by licensed child care providers. CCPO only has financial information on those providers who participate in the childcare
assistance program that funds eligible low income families for the cost of their childcare. CCPO does not track the total income or revenue loss of
private businesses such as child care providers as part of our licensing requirements.

CCPO has estimated around $10 million will be needed to cover payments for April based on attendance calculated in February. May calculations will be made
in June. We continue to work with providers on the needs for April and May.

Based on information gathered by providers, there is a need that greatly surpasses the $6.4 million. DHSS continues to work with the Alaska Congressional
Delegation for additional funding. The total estimate is approximately $20 million for payments to licensed child care providers to cover March and
April who responded by the April 30 deadline.

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State of Alaska

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