Rasmuson Foundation Awards thread $495,000

July 15, 2017

thread would like to thank Rasmuson Foundation for supporting our Powering Ahead with Technology project with an award of $495,000. Rasmuson Foundation directors recently approved awards for 18 organizations totaling more than $8.6 million. Read more.

Rasmuson Foundation’s generous support means more children in Alaska will have the opportunity to experience quality early care and learning now and in the future. This award, as well as support from ConocoPhillips Alaska, the Alaska Child Care Program Office, and individual donors, allows thread to upgrade our data and technology system to better serve more families and early childhood educators. Improving the data sharing capabilities across all programs and locations and creating one consolidated system, will help thread make more informed decisions on service delivery and program supports, as well as provide powerful information and statistics to help inform legislators and policy makers so they make meaningful changes to policies affecting young children in Alaska.

It will expand our reach to early childhood educators in remote locations and give all early educators in Alaska the same opportunities for training as more online education is made available. As a result of increasing our services and making them more accessible, early care and learning programs in Alaska will have a greater number of skilled and well-trained teachers, better classroom environments, and age-appropriate curriculums. This results in higher quality care for more Alaska families and their children.

Plus, more families will have easy access to reliable information on how to access high-quality care anywhere in the state. Resources will be available to them in a user-friendly online format to assist them in making the best decisions for their families.

Thank you Rasmuson Foundation for being a champion for Alaska’s children!