Give Children a Chance to Thrive – Pick.Click.Give. to thread

January 23, 2019

What does it mean for your family to have access to high-quality child care?

Is it dropping off your child in the morning knowing she’s going to be protected in the event of an emergency? Is it trusting that your child is receiving
healthy meals and daily physical activity? Or is it feeling confident that your child has access to age-appropriate toys and books that spark creative
expression and development?

High-quality child care is all of these things and more! It’s licensed child care that is safe, healthy, and playful. And most importantly, has well-educated
teachers who nurture and lead each day.

When babies and young children get a good start in life, their chances for success increase exponentially, resulting in better preparedness for school,
higher rates of graduation, and workforce readiness.

thread helps families find quality child care, and supports early educators and child care programs in delivering quality care. And you
can help!

With just one click, you can be a champion for Alaska’s children! When you select thread in the 2019 Pick.Click.Give. Campaign, you give
Alaska’s youngest the chance to thrive in licensed care that is safe, healthy, playful, and led by qualified early educators.

Choosing to Pick.Click.Give. is easier than ever! Look for the green button on the right panel of to make a gift that will have a big impact for Alaska’s youngest children.