Help Grant Alaska’s Wish for Affordable, High-Quality Child Care – Pick.Click.Give. to thread

January 7, 2022

Nothing makes us happier than families finding the child care they need and want.

Throughout the year, five days a week, eight hours a day, young children are in child care programs across Alaska.

Children thrive when they have access to high-quality child care with professional teachers and rich learning environments. And parents are less stressed when they can support their families and choose the care they want for their children.

As COVID continues child care programs are struggling to survive. Without child care many families will lose a critical support.

Our Big Wish for Alaska

thread has BIG wishes for accessible, affordable, high-quality child care for ALL of Alaska’s children.

Together, we can ensure families find child care they want, and support the child care programs and early educators that care for our young children week after week, month after month, year after year.

You can help make this wish come true by choosing thread when you Pick.Click.Give. It’s an investment that serves our entire community.

Pick.Click.Give. to thread in 2022

Supporting high-quality child care is critical to recovering Alaska’s recovery.

When you Pick.Click.Give. to thread you contribute to stabilizing the child care system today — and in the future.

Your gift to thread supports:

  • Supporting families finding child care they want
  • Stabilizing child care system
  • thread advocacy on this issue

Enrollment for the 2022 PFD is January 1 to March 31, 2022

Other ways to help

If you’re unable to pledge at this time, join us in showing your support.

  • Donate supplies to your child care program.
  • Advocate for high-quality, affordable child care in Alaska.
  • Follow thread on Facebook and invite your friends to join.

Each and every child in Alaska means the world to us, and so does your support. Thank you!