November is Family Stories Month

November 18, 2019

Each November, Family Stories Month rolls around just in time for the holidays.
When families gather, it’s an excellent time to learn about family history. From retelling the past, numerous anecdotes of adventure, travel, and romance
comes to life. This month, involve your family and start a new tradition of sharing each other’s stories. Here are some tips to get started: 

  • Prepare a list of questions, or memory prompts, to share with family members during family gatherings.
  • Before family members arrive for the holidays, email a list the list of questions for them to review. It will give them a chance to come up with
    memories to share.
  • Ask family members to write their memories in story form to share. Offer to compile them in a book form for family members as the family memoir.
  • During gatherings, individuals can share their memories. Don’t be surprised if someone remembers events differently!
  • Use #FamilyStoriesMonth to post on social media.

Enjoy the time with family and making more stories to share during Family Stories Month!