Music Monday

April 17, 2018

Today thread kicks off the Week of the Young Child (WOYC) in conjunction with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Follow along with us all week as we celebrate early education, young children, their families, and their teachers. Each day has a special theme.

Music Monday during the Week of the Young Child

Today is Music Monday, a day to sing, dance, celebrate, and learn! Music—especially active participation in music—helps children learn and supports the development of the whole child: social and emotional development, language comprehension, motor skills, mathematical concepts, and much more.

Another advantage is that singing with your child helps the two of you bond! Even if you are not a great singer, your infant or toddler will benefit from hearing your voice. Incorporate songs into your everyday routines, and make up your own words to a familiar tune. For example, use this song while dressing your child, sung to the tune of “The Famer and the Dell.”

“The socks go on the feet,
the socks go on the feet,
this is the way that we get dressed,
the socks go on the feet.”

Change up the words for “the shirt goes over your head” or “the pants go on the legs,” etc. Head over to for more Week of the Young Child Resources.

What songs do you like to sing in your home or early childhood classroom? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #woyc18.