It’s Easy to be an Advocate for Early Education

February 12, 2019

Alaska’s 31st Legislative session is now underway.
If you care about Alaska’s young children and early education, you will want to stay informed of the legislative activities this session.

thread makes it easy for you to advocate on behalf of early childhood education programs and their needs. Our online platform helps you
to learn about the issues and talk with your Legislators about what is important to you. Your voice matters!

You are an advocate for young children. Join us by using these quick tips to stay informed:

  1. Sign up to receive email alerts at our thread Action Center.
    We’ll let you know what’s happening related to early care and learning and how you can take action by sharing your message with elected officials.
  2. Know who is representing you. Click here and enter your address at the bottom of the page to find your
    State House Representative, or here for your State Senator. To find your US Congress representatives,
    click here. Knowing who represents you is important. Your elected
    officials want to hear from you and understand what is important to you. We will support you with when and how to contact them.
  3. Check back at our thread News section for updates on the Legislature’s progress,
    as well as issues that could affect you. 

thread and our partners are eager to learn more about how Governor Dunleavy’s proposed budget will support early education. We look forward to keeping you informed during the Legislative budget process.

Together, we will ensure young children and families get the best start with early childhood education.