Help Me Grow Alaska Plans to Transition Call Center by Summer 2020

February 19, 2020

The All Alaska Pediatric Partnership (A2P2) is excited to announce a change coming to the Help Me Grow Alaska (HMG-AK) call center in Summer 2020.

Three years ago, thread and A2P2 embarked on a partnership to launch the call center for a new Help Me Grow service in Alaska. Help Me Grow is a system that connects children and families with the services they need, and is a program under the A2P2 umbrella. At that time, A2P2 determined that thread’s Child Care Resource and Referral infrastructure and mission to advance the quality of early education and child development was a perfect fit to house the HMG-AK call center. Both organizations are proud of the early accomplishments and success of the service and are excited to recognize and announce changes for the next phase of HMG-AK. In summer 2020, the HMG-AK call center will transition to being fully housed and managed by Help Me Grow Alaska service.

Since the call center launch in January 2017, thread’s team of Resource & Referral Specialists has worked with the HMG-AK team to establish the call center, resource directory and database. More than 278 children and their families have received assistance with referrals and developmental screenings as well as one-on-one support. The HMG-AK service has provided an opportunity for both organizations to learn more about what Alaskan families need and strengthen the networks of resources and referrals to best meet those needs.

The HMG-AK team is grateful to thread’s leadership for recognizing the potential of HMG-AK and for the opportunity to incubate the call center with thread.

thread has been a proud partner in assisting in the launch and delivery of the new service to Alaska’s families. thread and the All Alaska Pediatric Partnership share many priorities and will continue to work together through the call center transition and in the future to advance the issues pertaining to the health and wellness of Alaska’s children and families.

To learn more about the All Alaska Pediatric Partnership, click here.