Early Care & Education is a Smart Investment

October 30, 2018


Why is investing in high-quality early care and education necessary for Alaska?

Early care and education has a profound effect not only on our children’s outcomes, but on Alaska’s economy as well.

The research is well-established. High-quality early care and education:

  • Keeps Alaskans working – 1 in 6 are able to work because they have access to child care.
  • Provides $2 Billion in wages – Alaskans are able to earn as a result of access to care for their children.

Research also shows that the most efficient way to boost productivity in the workforce over next few decades is to invest in today’s youngest. Families
with access to high-quality child care not only supports a child’s healthy development, it creates a stable workforce for Alaska’s employers. When
working parents have reliable, quality care their productivity increases and absenteeism decreases.

Investing in high-quality child care does more than help our children. It strengthens our economy and benefits our community.

It is a win-win for Alaska’s families, employers, and economy.

Join thread in advocating for access to high-quality, affordable child care so that we can keep Alaska’s families working and contributing
to our economy.

Vote For Kids this November and keep working families in mind.

It’s a smart investment with a big return today and tomorrow.

Video produced in partnership with Alaska Children’s Trust