CCPO Broadcast: Child Care Assistance Program Payments for the Service Month of October 2021 – and Beyond

October 29, 2021

The Child Care Program Office (CCPO) appreciates your patience as we continue to improve processing time for provider payments and family Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) benefits following the cyber-attack on our website this spring.* Timely payments to providers and benefits to families continue to be our top priority. 

In an effort to streamline the process, payments beginning with the child care service month of October will be based on the approved authorizations. The CCPO has revised the CCAP Request for Payment CC78 form and instructions for ease of use.

Here for immediate use are the revised CC78 form and instructions, and the State of Alaska CCAP Rate Schedule. For a copy of the revised CCAP and CCG combined electronic workbook, please email

To complete the revised Request for Payment CC78 form, providers must use information contained in the copies of their family authorizations and attendance records. Providers must follow the attached instructions to ensure correct completion of the request for payment. Request for Payment forms received by the CCPO that are missing information will cause payment delays. The CCPO will also continue to pay the family co-pay for each service month through the end of the current calendar year.

Providers cannot bill the CCPO for a child who does not have an authorization and/or a child who did not attend their child care facility at least one day in the month for which billing is requested, unless the family gave notice to end services at the facility and the billing timeframe falls within the 10-day notice timeframe. If a child attended, but the provider has not yet received an authorization, billing can be requested for that child separately once the authorization is received.  Providers should advise the family to check with their local child care assistance office regarding the status of their authorization. 

The revised CCAP Request for Payment CC78 form has been formatted to allow you to type the information directly into the form. The form will automatically calculate the total amount to be paid based on the amounts entered. Providers may also print the form, handwrite, and manually calculate totals. The co-pay section of the form is to document the additional amount paid by the CCPO, and for record keeping purposes for both the CCPO and child care providers. Keep copies of Request for Payment CC78 forms for bookkeeping as CCPO will not send copies to child care providers after payments are processed. 

Providers who have not submitted a Request for Payment CC78 form for the service month of September are encouraged to send their forms as soon as possible to facilitate processing.

See the Department of Health and Social Services website for updates and information.

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