CCPO Broadcast: Child Care Assistance Proposed Regulations – Deadline Aug 31

July 14, 2022

This broadcast was released by the Department of Health Child Care Program Office on July 14, 2022.

Proposed regulatory changes and public hearing for 7 AAC 41

Alaska Division of Public Assistance, Child Care Program Office

The Department of Health proposes to adopt regulation changes in Title 7 of the Alaska Administrative Code, dealing with the Child Care Assistance Program, including the following:

  • Article 1. Administrative Provisions, 7 AAC 41. Program rates, is proposed to be changed as follows: revise the Child Care Assistance Program Rate Schedule rates related to the maximum state payment to a child care provider.
  • Article 3. Provisions for Family, 7 AAC 41.310 – .335, is proposed to be changed as follows:
    • clarify the cessation of an eligible activity;
    • amend time limit for absence from an eligible activity; and
    • revise the Family Income and Contribution Schedule.
  • Article 5. Definitions, 7 AAC 41.990, is proposed to be changed as follows: amend definitions related to eligible activity.

This information can be found on the Child Care Program Office website.

Additionally, this information can found on the State of Alaska Online Public Notices website.

You may comment on the regulation changes, including the potential costs to private persons of complying with the changes, by submitting written comments to:

Ms. Nicole Fritz 
State of Alaska, Department of Health,
Child Care Program Office, Division of Public Assistance
3601 C Street, Suite 140
Anchorage, AK 99503

Additionally, the Department of Health will accept comments by electronic mail at . The comments must be received not later than 5 p.m. on August 31, 2022.

Public Hearing Information (Via Telephone):

You may provide oral comments relevant to the proposed action via telephone at the hearing to be held on:

August 18, 2022
1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
by calling 1-800-909-4578 (toll free)

Please note that in-person attendance will not be permitted at the hearing site because of the public health and safety concerns associated with the COVID – 19 pandemic. Please prepare to share your oral comments by telephone only. 

If you call to provide oral testimony, you should be on the line before the hearing begins at 1 p.m. The Department of Health will give priority to those who call in before 2 p.m. The Department of Health may, before the hearing begins, limit the time allotted for each person providing oral testimony. The time limit may be necessary to conclude the hearing in the time provided.

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