Action Alert: Ask Congress to Speak Up for Child Care

December 7, 2020

In January, a new session of the U.S. Congress will begin, but the current Congress still has work to do before they adjourn. As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout Alaska and the country, the child care sector is in urgent need of support.

Now is the time to tell Congress they must pass a COVID-19 relief package that includes at least $50 billion in dedicated funding for child care. This support is essential to ensuring child care programs have the resources they need to stay open and support families.

You can help!

Send a message to our U.S. Senators today! Let them know that we need the final bill to include at least $50 billion in dedicated child care funding to save our child care system. Without child care, there will be no economic recovery.  

Even if you have reached out in the past, thread encourages you to continue advocating on behalf of Alaska’s child care sector and to share your story!

Thank you for your advocacy and letting our leaders know how vital child care is to families across the country—and in Alaska.