Executive Director

Company/Organization: Little Bears Playhouse

Location: Girdwood, Alaska

Application Dates: December 31, 2022


Job Description

Reports to: Board of Directors
Starting Salary: Dependent upon education, experience, and maintenance of credentials.

General Responsibilities:

The Little Bear’s Executive Director is the appointed agent of the Board of Directors and as such actively participates in the development of policies, goals, and objectives. The Executive Director is responsible for their implementation (once approved by the Board), for the management of the program, and for the operation of Little Bear’s Playhouse, Inc.


  1. Recommends policies to the Board that will ensure a quality and efficient program.
  2. Implements policies adopted by the Board by a specific time line.
  3. Submits a newsletter to families each month.
  4. Assists the Board in the development of annual and long-range goals and objectives. Must be present at all Board meetings.
  5. Designs and oversees developmentally appropriate programs and activities for the center.
  6. Manages attendance levels and staffing to meet licensing requirements and budget requirements.
  7. Maintains schedules for both staff and children.
  8. Advertises for and actively seeks qualified applicants for vacant staff positions.
  9. Hires all care giving staff.
  10. Provides orientation for, supervises, and evaluates all care giving staff. This requires being physically able to instruct staff in the performance of their required duties.
  11. Develops and implements a comprehensive staff training program.
  12. Maintains Municipal and State daycare standards and provides for licensing as required by regulations.
  13. Maintains an effective record-keeping system, including personnel files, program participant files, and attendance records.
  14. Provides parent orientation and facilitates continual parent-teacher communication. The Director is there for first-time sign ups.
  15. Maintains adequate supplies and equipment for program implementation. Recommends (in written form) supply and equipment needs to the Board for its approval.
  16. Provides for an effective system of facilities and equipment maintenance.
  17. Acts as a liaison to Girdwood businesses and community organizations. (This is a shared responsibility with the Board.)
  18. Submits a written report to the Board at its monthly meetings.
  19. Handles grievances filed by parents and staff. If unable to resolve a grievance, then takes the matter to the Board with the utmost confidentiality.
  20. The Director will at all times be considered as emergency backup to the care giving staff. Duties include such tasks as performing CPR and First Aid, filling in for an absent staff member, handling a discipline problem, and running after a wandering child. Such duties may involve responding on a moment’s notice. For safety reasons, the Director must be physically able to perform the above duties.
  21. The Director must be physically able to sit on the floor, stand for long periods of time, bend over and pick up a child, and to actively, lead, supervise, and participate in play activities, both inside the center, and on the playground.
  22. The Director may be asked by the Board to participate in and actively teach portions of the program.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Effective staff management, reflected in a highly motivated, reliable, competent staff, capable of both teamwork and individual responsibility.
  2. An effective facility maintenance program that results in a clean, well-cared for space and low incidence of breakage and repair to equipment.
  3. Effective program implementation, resulting in a child care center that nurtures and enriches the lives of the children, by providing them with activities which encourage intellectual, emotional, and social development.
  4. Weekly work schedule is subject to change; 40 hours are required each week.

Essential Job Functions:

Please be aware that the following list are items that will be involved in the performance of this job; Speaking, Hearing, Interacting with others, Seeing in limited light, Seeing objects at a distance, Seeing objects and people peripherally, Seeing close work as in typed print, Distinguishing colors, Distinguishing odors, Reading, Writing, Calculating, Editing, Evaluating, Interpreting, Organizing, Sitting, Walking Running, Bending, Twisting, Kneeling, Pushing/Pulling, Climbing (includes into and out of cramped spaces), Crawling (includes into and out of cramped spaces), Swimming (indoors and outdoors), Repetitive motion of hands and fingers, Grasping and gripping with hands, Lifting/Carrying 10 to 50+ pounds, Driving ( regular class D license, CDL Class A, B or C) Work in /exposure to inclement weather, Work at heights, Exposure to dust, chemicals fumes or exhaust, Exposure to loud noises, Exposure to infection, germs, or contagious diseases, cleaning chemicals, Exposure to blood, body fluid, or materials potentially contaminated by blood or body fluids and Exposure to needles and/or sharp implements.


The Executive Director must meet the standard requirements as designated in the Municipality of Anchorage, Child Care and Educational Center Licensing Codes, AMC Title 16.55.110A., B. and 7AAc 57.220 (a)(1-3).

Qualifications of an administrator:

A. The administrator of a child care center, child care group home, or child care home must be at least 21 years of age.
B. An administrator must:

  1. have an understanding of the development of children;
  2. have the ability to care for children; and
  3. have the skills to work with children, family members, department staff, community agencies, and, if applicable, staff of the child care facility.
  4. have the skills necessary to handle finances and plan and evaluate programs.

C. The administrator of a child care center or child care group home must have the management and supervisory skills necessary to select and supervise personnel, including delegation of responsibility and motivation of staff.
D. The administrator of a child care center must have at least 12 semester hours of college credit in early childhood development, child development, child psychology, or the equivalent, or must hold either a current child development associate (CDA) credential from the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition or a Montessori certificate issued by a program accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Commission for Teacher Education. College credit in management may substitute for three of the 12 required hours. The administrator of a child care center for school-age children may substitute relevant college courses, except that at least three semester hours of college credit in child development are required.
E. An administrator with a bachelor's degree in early child development, child development, child psychology, or the equivalent shall meet the training requirements under 7 AAC 57.350(f). An administrator without a bachelor's degree in early child development, child development, child psychology, or the equivalent, in addition to the qualifying education under (d) of this section, shall participate in continuing education by obtaining at least three semester hours of college credit in courses relevant to child care and development every two years. The training hours under 7 AAC 57.350(f) may substitute for the three semester hours required for an administrator without a bachelor's degree in early child development, child development, child psychology, or the equivalent.
F. In addition to the requirements of this section, an administrator must meet the applicable caregiver qualifications for the type of child care facility as set out in 7 AAC 57.310.
G. The designated administrator shall submit to the department the names, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers of four individuals, at least three of whom are unrelated to the designated administrator, who can provide references attesting to the designated administrator's good character, reputation, interpersonal skills and, if applicable, professional skills.
H. The department will assess the qualifications of the designated administrator. If the review shows that person is not qualified under this section, the department will inform the child care facility that the person may not serve as an administrator and that the facility's license is subject to denial or revocation unless a qualified administrator is designated within 30 days.

Little Bears Playhouse is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Candidates of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Position is open until filled.

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Submission Instructions

To apply, email a cover letter and resume to [email protected] Please use the subject line “Application for Executive Director.”

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