PBS NewsHour: Raising the Future - America's Child Care Dilemma

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6 pm JULY 12 to 16, 2021 | TV or Stream

CATEGORIES: Early Educators, Families

The PBS NewsHour, in partnership with the Pritzker Family Foundation, will tackle these issues in an upcoming week-long series that focuses on the needs and challenges of child care programs in the U.S., including access to affordable, high-quality care.

Raising Our Future: America’s Child Care Dilemma is scheduled to run in five segments from July 12 to 16 and aims to educate the public about the state of child care in the U.S.

The series will also focus on the needs of infants and toddlers, as well as an examination of the nation’s fractured child care system and its impact on women, children, people of color and the economy.

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