Write a letter to the editor

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  • Keep it short! No longer than 250 words.
  • Write about only one topic. Keep a narrow focus to engage your reader.
  • Make it easy to read. Use short sentences and avoid complicated language.
  • Have a friend proofread it. Constructive feedback is always helpful!
  • Use statistics to demonstrate the need. Provide the source, if possible.
  • Make it personal. Tell a story about your experience with child care.
  • Encourage action. But be cautious about strong criticism.
  • Submit it online. Use your local paper’s website to submit your letter.

Sample Letter:

Dear Editor,
I am writing as a [choose a descriptor: parent, grandparent, child care provider] about the need to invest in quality child care. Parents need child care in order to work. Children need a safe setting that will also promote their healthy development.

There are about 38,000 children under age 6 [insert recent stats] throughout Alaska whose parents work every week. For these children, child care is their early learning program. Expanding our state’s Pre-k program is part of the solution to promoting school readiness. However, as the research shows, children begin learning at birth. Quality child care makes a difference in setting a foundation for school readiness.

It’s time for our policymakers in Juneau to support quality child care – payment rates that support quality programs and investments in staff training and education. Working parents want choices among quality providers. Children’s school readiness depends on it.

[Full Name]
[City, State]