Social Media Advocacy


  • Use Facebook to share your thoughts with your legislator. You can post directly on their Facebook page.
  • Tweeting is another option for connecting with your legislators. Just start your post with their Twitter handle.
  • Images and videos get more shares. Try to add them to your posts.
  • Follow a handful of early childhood advocacy groups. You can share their posts with your followers.
  • Share thread’s action alerts. This is a great way to get the word out about advocacy opportunities.
  • Use hashtags! Here are some popular ones: #ChildCare, #ChildCareIsEssential, #SolveChildCare, #ChildCareProvider, #EarlyLearning, #ece, #EarlyChildhoodEducation
  • Make your advocacy posts public. This will allow others to share your posts.
  • Post across platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.