thread launches a new online child care search tool

January 22, 2016

Finding a quality early care & learning program for your child can be stressful, emotional, and at times overwhelming. thread, Alaska’s Child Care Resource & Referral Network, is happy to announce the launch of a new online search tool that can help make this process easier for Alaska families. This tool is free for families and can be accessed on thread’s homepage or by clicking here.

thread has been providing child care referrals to Alaska families for the past 30 years, including online referrals. But never before has the process been so easy. To start their search, families can now simply enter their ZIP code or a specific program name. The new search tool also allows families to easily narrow their search based on their own specific needs including the child’s age, location, desired program type, and other factors important to the family.

In addition, the new online search tool provides links to valuable tools and resources to help in the search process. These include indicators of quality care, who to contact to find help paying for care, and a list of interview questions that can be used when visiting potential programs.

If families would like additional support, they can talk directly with one of thread’s Early Childhood Specialists. They can be reached statewide at 800.278.3723 or families are welcome to stop in to their local thread office location.