Take Action Tuesday: Rally4Babies

July 20, 2016

The Republican National Convention is this week, followed by the Democratic National Convention next week. Do you know how the presidential candidates plan to support young children and their families? Ask them! Using ZERO TO THREE’s website www.rally4babies.org, you can tweet questions at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Follow the steps below to tweet your questions:

  1. Go to www.rally4babies.org.
  2. Click the candidate at whom you want to tweet, then click the tweet for the question you want to ask.
  3. When the tweet pops up in your Twitter account, click “Post tweet”.
  4. Repeat the steps to ask more questions or tweet at the other candidate.

Then spread the word on social media using these suggested posts:

I asked the Presidential Candidates how they will #Rally4Babies. Have you? Go to www.rally4babies.org

Do you know where the candidates stand on issues for young families? Ask at www.rally4babies.org! #Rally4Babies