Resources to Help You Make A Difference

January 19, 2017

NAEYC compiled several resources for early childhood educators in search of anti-bias approaches, strategies to counter bullying, and ways to guide children’s behavior, focused on building positive classroom communities and support for a diverse range of children and families. Susan Friedman, Senior Director, Content Strategy and Development at NAEYC collected following four resources from NAEYC’s past publications to help support your teaching and interactions with children on these topics.

  • Anti-Bias Education: Read the first chapter of the book Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves. Self-reflection exercises for teachers as well additional articles on the topic for children and practitioners.
  • Guiding Challenging Behavior/Anti Bullying: A collection of NAEYC resources to help establish positive social classrooms, fostering psotive emotional development in children and encouraging families to continue practice at home.
  • The NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct: NAEYC collection of resources and the Young Children column Focus on Ethics, where NAEYC authors help educators use the Code of Ethical Conduct to think and work through difficult situations.
  • Supporting and Engaging Diverse Families: NAEYC shares what was learned from their Engaging Diverse Families Project. Select content from Young Children, Teaching Young Children, and their Families section also available.

As an early childhood educator, you can have a great impact on the education and development of the children in your care. Consider the story of Ruby Bridges as told in A Tribute to the Power of a Teacher – The Ruby Bridges Story as a witness to the power one teacher can have on the life of a child.

Information for this article taken from Susan Friedman’s article Resources to Help Make a Difference