Report Finds Child Care Too Expensive in Every State

October 31, 2018

Earlier this week, Child Care Aware® of America released their annual report, The U.S. and the High Cost of Child Care,
providing data on the state of child care affordability.

Findings show that child care is exceedingly high in every state — even more expensive than housing. In Alaska the cost of child care can be
more than college.

This high cost of care can be an economical and emotional burden for families not just in Alaska, but everywhere. Read the report.

As an advocate of early childhood education, you can help with the a solution.

Here’s how:

1. Share this report with your friends and colleagues on social media using #ChildCareandUs during our Twitterstorm TODAY.

2. Vote for Kids! With the upcoming election approaching (Nov. 6), knowing
where your candidate stands on early childhood education and the issues, like affordability, could make a difference.

3. Be the first to hear about how thread advocates for Alaska’s young children by joining our Action Center.

4. Print out these postcards,
have your kids (or you!) color them, write a message about the high cost of care, and send to your elected officials.

Your voice is important. Advocates like you lead to the groundbreaking increase in federal funding for child care this year. Let’s keep the momentum
going and continue to share the impact of this issue in Alaska.