Pick.Click.Give. to thread in 2023

December 15, 2022

thread is proud to participate in Pick.Click.Give. in 2023. As you begin to think about where you might invest next year, consider thread!

When you choose thread through Pick.Click.Give. you support the future of our young children and their families.

Everyday we hear from families who face uncertainty as they try to figure out how to go to work without finding affordable, high-quality child care for their young children.

You understand high-quality child care works. It improves children’s lives, supports working families and businesses, and strengthens communities. Families are less stressed when they have a choice about care for their children, and young children thrive in high-quality child care settings.

Like you, we think all Alaskans should be able to find affordable, high-quality child care that works for their family.

But Alaska needs more child care now.

Your gift through Pick.Click.Give. increases our capacity to support child care for our state. An investment that ensures young children have access to high-quality care, early childhood programs can remain open to support families, and Alaska can maintain a strong and dependable workforce. It supports our capacity to advocate for increased investment and new policies for a stronger child care system, train thousands of early educators and assist families with child care referrals – helping some families return to making a living.

You know our work is far from over. It’s time for Alaska to reimagine child care.

Will you consider supporting thread through Pick.Click.Give. in 2023?

We are grateful for your generous support.