Parenting – Make Bedtime Peaceful

December 30, 2016

Child being read to

Getting enough sleep is important for a young child’s healthy development, but for many families, bedtime can be a battle.

Routine and consistency are powerful tools that will help you make bedtime more peaceful. Consider the routine of taking a bath, using the toilet, brushing teeth, reading books, and finally, going to bed. Start the routine at the same time every night, even on weekends, and follow the same order. It make take several days or even weeks to adjust, but stay consistent and eventually the routine itself will help make the child sleepy.

If your child has a hard time falling asleep by himself, talk with him about the strategies you use yourself to fall asleep. Do you listen to music? Look at a book? Turn on a light when you get scared? Focus on a favorite memory? Take long, deep breaths? Have him decide which strategy he would like to try, or help him come up with his own strategy. Soon he will learn the best ways to fall asleep on his own.