Nationwide Formula Shortage

May 20, 2022

Due to a historic recall of certain types of baby formula, there is now a nationwide shortage. This situation has reached a crisis point for many families. In May, the Biden administration invoked the Defense Production Act, requiring suppliers to send needed ingredients to manufacturers.

In the meantime, you can:

  1. Talk to your pediatrician or healthcare provider about recommendations
  2. Reach out to Alaska 2-1-1 ( or Feeding America for help locating baby formula in your area
  3. Contact Women, Infant and Children Program (WIC) office to find out how they can help
  4. Stay up to date with current guidelines per the American Academy of Pediatrics
  5. Only buy from reputable sites and sellers. Review USA Today’s list of unexpected companies to purchase formula from.
  6. Contact your national legislators to share your family story