Early Care & Learning – There’s No Better Business Investment!

October 7, 2019

Credit Union 1 has a model for success they want other Alaskan businesses to know about.

“I saw really good employees drop out of the work field because they didn’t have access to child care,” said Leslie Ellis, founding CEO of Credit Union
1 (CU1). “I took a big leap of faith and had a child care center designed into [our headquarters].”As a result, CU1 families have be utilizing
Little 1s Child Care at its Abbott location since 2006.

Since opening an on-site child care program at their headquarters 13 years ago, Credit Union 1 has seen an increase in employee well-being and retention
– proving that a business investment in early care & learning really works!

Taking quality a step further, CUI also employs nationally accredited early childhood educators at Little 1s and at all statewide locations, employees
are reimbursed for child care costs, furthering the culture that family care is critical for company-wide retention.

“It’s nice to be known for something good that helps support families,” Ellis said.

Join thread on Thursday, October 10 at No Small Matter: A Summit on the Economic Impact of Early Care and Learning and hear
from Credit Union 1 about the business benefits of investing in family-friendly policies.Get ideas for your business and join the conversation
about the importance of early care & learning for our economy.

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