A Message from thread: We Stand Together

June 5, 2020

thread is deeply saddened by the injustice and pain of recent events in our communities and country. We stand together and recognize the
tremendous costs of institutional discrimination, particularly to the African American and Black and Alaska Natives communities, and other people of
color. thread stands together with you in support of racial equality, equity, and inclusion. We stand together in support of
fundamental human and civil rights that begin at birth, and the dignity and respect that come with them.

Recent events are a sad reminder that the progress that has been made is not enough.

thread works to help families and caregivers raise the next generation of Alaskans. In this work, we have an obligation to reflect on
our individual beliefs and values, our organization’s values and our commitment to our mission that all Alaskan children have access to affordable
quality early childhood education programs to grow and learn. Our work is centered on the core tenets of social and economic justice – that equal opportunities are available to every child and family.

Our values of quality, access, and children’s rights invite us to believe that our collective work and advocacy will lead to more nurturing, supportive,
care and early learning experiences. In turn, children will grow and thrive, and their families and our communities will do the same.

As an organization and statewide Network, thread commits to continue our own learning with humility. We will also be bold in our stand
against racism. Not just for our team, but for the early childhood educators we support and the children in their care. We will encourage business
and policy leaders at all levels to come together to adopt policies that promote a better quality of life for our children and families. We will continue
to work to create a future in which all children can achieve their full potential.

Just as the brain forms in the early years, so does the foundation for trust and respect. These resources can provide helpful guidance to early educators
and families for introducing and engaging our youngest in our conversations:

We all have a role to play in dismantling institutional racism including in our early care and education system.

Early childhood expert Mister Rogers told us, “Loving is all about helping one another feel more comfortable about who we are and what we are seeing and
hearing and thinking.” We invite you to connect with us on how we can improve diversity,
equity, and inclusion in our early childhood education sector. We stand together.