2018 Earthquake Recovery Center

December 11, 2018

As Southcentral Alaska recovers from the earthquake on November 30, 2018, thread is working with the State of Alaska Child Care Program Office (CCPO) and the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) Child Care Licensing Office to support families, early childhood educators and programs, businesses,
and local communities. 

Coping Resources After an Earthquake

Being in an earthquake is a frightening experience for both adults and children. Everyone copes differently and on their own timeline with traumatic events
like a natural disaster.

Children, including babies and toddlers, can be left feeling frightened and insecure. It’s important to recognize these reactions and help them to cope
with their feelings. Most children can thrive and recover with the right support.

It’s equally important for adults to manage their own self-care and feelings. This makes the earthquake less traumatic for the children around them.

Tips for Helping Children to Cope

Look for opportunities at home and in early care and learning settings for children to express their feelings in their own way.

Also allow for unstructured time and space to encourage natural conversation. Monitor behavior and keep the lines of communication open. Some children
(and adults) may process their experience later.

See “Tips for Talking with and Helping Children Cope After a Disaster” for age appropriate support.

Self Care for Adults

Take good care. Remember to take breaks and replenish your spirit with friends, faith, family, music, or nature.

Resources on Coping

Use these resources for guidance on helping children to cope at home, in child care or school.



Children’s Books

Family Specific


Social Service Assistance for Families

If you are in a parenting crisis, or need more comprehensive social services assistance, contact the Alaska Parent Line by calling 2-1-1.

Technical Assistance for Child Care Programs

thread has compiled some helpful hints to support teachers, children, and families after an earthquake with resources in both English
and Spanish.

For additional information or consultation on helping children to cope or transitioning them back into a normal school routine, contact thread at 800.278.3723