10 Ways to Recognize Military Family Appreciation Month

November 11, 2019

November is Military Family Appreciation Month, an opportunity to celebrate the sacrifices and contributions that service members’ families—military
families—have made and continue to make.

Here are a few ideas from veteran Carey Lohrenz on how
you can show your thanks this month to Alaska’s 22,000 active duty members and their families:

  1. SAY Thank you!
  2. Write a “Thank You” note to a family for what they’ve sacrificed.
  3. Provide job opportunities.
  4. Offer workplace flexibility.
  5. Offer to babysit. Imagine 6-9 months with no spouse at home to support you! Yup – let THAT sink in! Offer to babysit. Often it can be a sanity saver.
  6. Perform a random act of kindness for the family, while remaining anonymous.
  7. Volunteer your time. Rake their lawn or snowblow their driveway – every time it snows!
  8. Thank them publicly (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for their sacrifice.
  9. Donate to a veterans’ charity on their behalf.
  10. ASK – “How can I help?”

What are ways you show fellow military families that you appreciate them? Tell us your stories.