Head Teacher/Administrator

Company/Organization: Valdez Cooperative Preschool

Location: Valdez, Alaska

Application Dates: 05/01/2023 - 08/05/2023


Job Description

The person selected for this position will be responsible for the management of classes of preschool aged children and the director of the cooperative preschool non-profit organization.

Our ideal candidate has a strong work ethic, positive, and cheerful attitude. They enjoy guiding young children and watching them explore. They are familiar and comfortable with play-based teaching styles. They are community-minded with a desire to foster good relationships with families and other organizations. This candidate enjoys getting creative to solve problems, create program curriculum and adapt to circumstances as they change. Our ideal candidate possesses great communication skills with both young children and adults. Their desire to foster a sustainable, thriving preschool program is evident in their dedication and determination. We want a confident leader not an employee, our leader will also help the assistant teacher grow, strengthening the program and our communities future.

The person selected for this position must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Have at least 1 year of licensed child care experience ; OR 12 semester hours of college credit in early childhood development, child development, child psychology, or related field; OR hold a CDA credential or Montessori Certificate;

Responsibilities / Opportunities will include, but will not be limited to, the following:


  • Planning and implementing a program that encourages the physical, social, and cognitive development of each child and that follows the policies and philosophy of the school.
  • Utilizing available resources to plan and provide a play-based, nature inspired program that will include the possibility of field trips with parent volunteers.
  • Adapting the program to the needs of the individual child with concern for his/her interests, needs, talents, individual style, and pace of learning.
  • Directing assistant teachers and any parent volunteers in the classroom activities of the day.
  • Teachers engaged in Master's or Doctorate programs are encouraged to apply. Thesis or dissertation involving curriculum design and play based learning couldn't be held in a more rich and free environment than private education.

Executive Director:

  • Able to plan and direct assistant teachers (some duties below can be assigned to assistant under supervision and direction of Executive Director).
  • Along with the Executive Board, evaluate and hire staff.
  • Work with the President to help direct Executive Board and Parent meetings
  • Work with accountant and treasurer to keep organizational finances in order.
  • Prepare an annual proposed budget to be presented to the Executive Board in the spring for the next school year.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with other early childhood, educational or otherwise potentially related organizations.
  • Seek out and apply for grants to provide extra funding for our non-profit organization
  • Work with the Executive Board to assist with fundraising endeavors
  • As the director of the preschool, be the primary point of contact for any organizational related business.

Internal Relationships:

  • Treat each child with dignity and respect.
  • Be respectful and cooperative as a member of the preschool team.
  • Help each child to become aware of his/her role as an integral member of a group.
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with parents.
  • Maintain communications with parents concerning the child’s adjustment, development, or problems with the child during school by scheduling parent/teacher conferences regularly & as needed.
  • Prepare weekly updates for parents to quickly summarize classroom activities and maintain open communication networks with the parents

Physical Environment:

  • Maintaining a physical environment in the classroom that is safe, healthy, inviting, and conducive to learning and which lends itself to the teaching of developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Being responsible for ensuring a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning, promotes positive and appropriate interaction between teachers, parents, and children.
  • Take and maintain classroom attendance records.
  • Along with assistant teachers, conduct thorough weekly cleanings of the preschool.

Administrator Responsibilities (State of Alaska Licensing Compliance):
To be performed in conjunction with the assistant teacher to ensure all bullets are met and maintained throughout the school year.

  • Serve as the designated, official liaison between the State of Alaska (SOA) and the Executive Board concerning all licensing requirements. Must be present for any state inspections.
  • Serve as the designated, official liaison between the landlord and Executive Board; especially as it pertains to SOA licensing requirements.
  • Prepare (SOA plan) and execute a training program for teachers throughout the school year to meet SOA licensing requirements and such requirements as may be established by the Executive Board.
  • Maintain school records necessary to demonstrate compliance with SOA licensing requirements.
  • Work with teachers to conduct monthly emergency drills and maintain required SOA Emergency Drill paperwork.
  • Coordinate annual inspections of the Fire Extinguisher by qualified individuals annually before the first day of school.
  • Work with teachers to prepare Field Trip permission slips in order to ensure compliance with SOA licensing requirements.
  • Prepare and submit Change Notification Reports as required by the SOA licensing requirements.


  • Completed application and resume
  • CPR/First Aid (may be completed after hire)
  • State of Alaska Background check
  • State of Alaska Administrator Designation & Qualification Form with 4 references (must be approved by state)
  • 24 hours of training to be completed within a year from hire date (as directed by state licensing agency)


Hourly wage: $23 + /hour DOE.

College tuition opportunities up to 100% (grants change year to year),

Continuing education reimbursed.

Access to thousands of free hours in training

1 child free tuition for 1 class/ teacher (cannot be enrolled in both classes free of tuition)


We follow the Valdez City Schools calendar with few exceptions.

Teachers must be in the classroom 15 minutes prior to and after each class.

Classes held M-TH, Friday will be solely an administration and preparation day.

Evaluations are conducted biannually (fall & spring). The board will complete the evaluation using a standard evaluation form (copies in the Personnel Handbook).

Last updated April 2023

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Submission Instructions

Please see the website for application materials. Submit application to [email protected]

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