CCPO Launches Online Orientation for Providers

July 18, 2018

The Child Care Program Office (CCPO) has recently launched online orientations for providers applying to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). Below you’ll find more information from the CCPO about who the orientations are for and how to get started.


Effective July 1, 2018, these Web Based Training (WBT) orientations will replace the in-person and telephonic orientations for licensed, certified, accredited, and in-home child care providers who have submitted one of the following CCAP application types to the local Child Care Assistance (CCA) office:

  1. Licensed Provider Child Care Assistance Application CC41 form or Certified/Accredited Provider Child Care Assistance Application CC84; or
  2. In-home Child Care Application CC40 form


To access the WBT Licensed, Certified, and Accredited Provider Orientation or the In-home Child Care provider Orientation, the applicant must go to the Health & Social Services Learning Management System located at and:

  1. Create an account with a username and password. The individual can access the orientation any time should they not complete it all at one time;
  2. Select the orientation for the type of application submitted, located under the heading Public Assistance;
  3. Complete the course and testing with a score of 60% or higher; and
  4. Print their Certificate of Completion which includes the individual’s name and the date their certificate was issued.

When a certificate is issued, verification is automatically sent to the CCPO’s policy mailbox. The Eligibility and Benefits Team will forward the verification to the local CCA office responsible for that individual’s application.


If an applicant states they’ve completed the orientation, but the local CCA office has not received the verification, contact the policy mailbox at [email protected]. The Eligibility and Benefits Team will check on the applicant’s orientation status and provide the local CCA office an update.

An orientation is not considered complete if the applicant does not receive a certificate. If an applicant does not pass the orientation at 60% or higher, there will be no certificate issued. Applicants who do not pass after three (3) attempts must contact the local CCA office where the application was submitted for additional instructions.

If applicants have trouble navigating the online orientation or need other technical assistance related to accessing the training or information within the training, they are to contact DPA Staff Development and Training at [email protected]

For other orientation course related questions, applicants are to contact the CCPO’s Eligibility and Benefits team through the Policy Mailbox at [email protected].

If applicants have questions pertaining to their application, the status of their application, or the process, they are to contact the local CCA office where they submitted their application.

For more information, please contact the CCPO Eligibility and Benefits Team at [email protected].