2024 thread Awards Recipients Announced!

May 11, 2024

After receiving a record-breaking number of nominations this year, thread is thrilled to unveil the esteemed recipients of the 2024 thread Awards, announced during a virtual ceremony on Friday, May 10, in celebration of Provider Appreciation Day.

The Quality Improvement Program of the Year Award

This prestigious award honors a family home child care program and a child care center enrolled in Learn & Grow (Alaska’s Quality Recognition and Improvement System). Recognizing their unwavering dedication to continuous quality enhancement and remarkable strides over the past year, these licensed child care programs are setting new standards of excellence.

Congratulations to Tonya Dickerson, the visionary owner of Tonya’s Berry Patch, who was recognized as the 2024 Quality Improvement Program of the Year for Family Home Child Care.

Congratulations to Clare Swan Early Learning Center and its esteemed Senior Manager of Operations, Carrie Hackett, for being recognized as the 2024 Quality Improvement Program of the Year for a Child Care Center.

The Cindy Harrington Heart & Mind Award

Marking its remarkable 10th anniversary, the Cindy Harrington Heart and Mind Award shines a spotlight on an exceptional individual contributing to early childhood education. Recognized for their outstanding character, unwavering dedication, professional resolve, and contagious passion, this award is a testament to their exemplary contributions.

A heartfelt congratulations to April Yang, the Curriculum Specialist at Boys and Girls Club Child Development Center, who was awarded the 2024 Cindy Harrington Heart & Mind Award.

Watch the Awards Ceremony

thread would like to thank this event’s generous sponsors: Conoco Phillips, Credit Union 1, United Way of Anchorage, the Anchorage Association for the Education of Young Children (AAEYC), Lakeshore Learning, and Kaplan for their support of this event. Thank you for supporting quality child care in Alaska.

We also extend our sincere appreciation to all individuals who took the time to submit nominations. Your efforts are a testament to the invaluable work being done by nominees across Alaska.

Join us in congratulating this year’s nominees:


  • April Yang
  • Briell Kenison
  • Carly Tencza
  • Dana Williams
  • Daniela Rodriguez
  • De Cyril
  • Denali Kangas
  • Diara
  • Donna Kelliegh
  • Eneida Gonzalez Ortiz
  • Genesis Weekes
  • James Mustain
  • Katherine Merculief
  • Kayla Reed
  • Kristen Stearns
  • Leticia Vinales
  • Lokilani Fruean
  • Meagan Johnson
  • Melanie Saeteurn
  • Mindy Lai Saeteurn
  • Mya Rivera
  • Olivia Jinkins
  • Sientje Banks
  • Suzy Yang
  • Tonya Dickerson
  • Wydalis Rivera
  • Yvonne Marion
  • Loreen E Pallas
  • Charlotte M Yamada
  • Lor Straub
  • Marissa Kondas
  • Summer Evans
  • Amber Bond
  • Kelsey DeMarce
  • AbaGayle Young
  • Alia Heck
  • Belinda O’Malley
  • Courtney J Carpenter
  • Dee Scott
  • Dnayla Alston
  • Maria G. Mata
  • Pauline Lane
  • Ruth Tassie
  • Sonya Jones
  • Valentina Tereshchenko


  • Ana Rodriguez
  • Angelina Assad
  • Hailey Stevens
  • Mary Sweeney


  • Nicole Mimi Pingayak
  • Christine Stone
  • Maria Bersabe Mejia De Monge
  • Rita Alexie


  • Maanaima Tuese
  • Shannon Rae Turner
  • Tami Murphy
  • Pammy Fowler
  • Rocio Roderick
  • Candice Suksran Kelsey Baldwin
  • Darby McFetridge
  • Sherry Dompierre

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